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Doesn’t load all my saved homes. I click on “show more homes” and it still shows me only 3 in my list of like 15. Sometimes it doesn’t show ANY saved homes even though I can search and find them still on the market. Very frustrating.


Unable to pull up Hillside New Jersey


Home pricing unrealistic.

Search easy

Very up to date

Doesn’t get any better

The most comprehensive, up-to-date, user friendly site and app out there. It’s awesome.

App is great Redfin agents are worst ever

We missed so many opportunities because of Redfin agents who seemed to hate their work and didn’t willing to work at all. It took forever then to get all the necessary docs to write an offer and so hard to communicate with them. Basically they don’t care whether you get the house you want or not. They are very rude and often time don’t even respond at all. If you are serious about getting a house you want forget about the stupid refund just go with traditional real estate agents. Traditional agents are aggressive but at least they know and do their jobs.

Don’t understand why filters are not like realtor

It doesn’t filter as you select. It stills shows properties your not interested in

Redfin Not particularly user friendly!

The idea of an app to search for homes is a good one! Unfortunately this app is poorly designed and difficult to use! If you search one zip code and want to check another zip code it’s difficult to get to the place the zip code is entered! All filters including ZIP CODE should be instantly changeable where ever you are in the app! Also you should have the ability to list all parameters/filters and be able to apply different and multiple zip codes to them with out having to retype them! I get different results for the same parameters on separate searches from non available to a list of available homes! The app is not particularly user friendly!

Up to date information

Easy to use. Enjoy getting up to date information, and I’m not overloaded with property I’m not interested in. Great resource.

Amazing app

The app is so easy to use and has all the features necessary to do excellent research on buying and selling homes. I love it!

Next level

You could take your site to the next level by providing analysis of your data like a pivot chart of listed/sold price of homes by square foot or # bedrooms and baths and other selected filters for a chosen location or area. Show the trend over the last 6 months to 7 years.

Image is not stable , filter spinning forever

Don’t prompt me to rate.

Best Around

Redfin is the best I’ve used. Easiest to find what I’m looking for and the navigation is awesome. I actually found my home on Redfin and handed it to my agent and told them to go get it for me lol

Awesome site

Always give you a complete overview of the item being sold, including down payment option as well as school and nearby businesses

Shahida Sohail

Mini map of location on every listing is super. Very convenient to use sight. Please categorize the listing by attach or detached house. This option will save time too. Thanks for making life way easier in search of home. Please continue developing. This website really works. Every listing up to date. Great job

We found our home on Tedfin

Our Realtor, Dennis Alderman sent us a listing on Redfin. We love the home. We purchased it 8-28-18. We loved using the Redfin app to find out all the information on our home it was so easy to read and access. Dennis was so positive, and professional we were so satisfied with his care for us during our purchase.

Notifications not working properly

When I tap on a notification on my new iPhone I am not brought to the correct house on Redfin. Then the notification is gone and I cannot find the property. Please fix this as it has not been fixed in the last couple of updates

Waste of time

Don't waste your time or your phones memory on this app. The ads are fake, homes and addresses don't exist. The idiots from the Real Estate agencies don't have a clue. COMPLETELY USELESS

Simply the best App

Love it. Very nice and beautiful and easy to use . It has all essentials real estate date you want to know about a property.

Love Hate relationship....

I used to love this app, but unfortunately, if you’ve EVER have searched on a house type, it continues to send you info about that house type, even though it no longer suits your needs. For example, at one point, we were considering selling both our house & our parents & all move in together, which meant we were looking at larger (5+ bdrms) more expensive homes. Then the plan changed and we returned to our original plan of just buying a house for my immediate family (3+ bdrms) at a much lower price point. I still get notifications based on OLD searches.


Very slow loading pictures

3D Tours

I love how Redfin has 3D tours (insights) but some houses don’t have that and that makes me unhappy

Best app for real estate search

I have been using real estate apps for over 5 years now while searching for ideal properties, and not even Zillow can top this app. I am pleased with the accuracy and quality of details that this website and app provides. And best of all is the timely updates! No one is faster at matching new leads to my searches. I highly recommend Redfin.


I just updated the app and now it crashes as soon as I open it on my ipad.

Days on market?

In your latest update, why did you remove the days on market field? I understand that market is slowing down but that does not mean you should not expose potential buyers to all the data that matters!!!

I wish to buy a house , n enjoy to see the price from Redfin thanks so much.

Good information,

Redfin email links open in web browser

When I click on links in Redfin emails it should open the app instead of the browser asking me to install the app which I already have installed.

Update unprofessional appearance

I recently update this app and the platform looks totally different. It used to be so user friendly but now the maps are slow and often crash. The type and layout looks like a very remedial website. It used to have such a professional appearance. Now loads slower and just looks bad with gray type and unusual looking info. I thought it was that maybe I wasn’t signed in, however it is my account and the appearance is so different.


Ty Michael Moghaddam ur gr8

The picture for houses in iPad app is completely unusable

Like the title suggests, various cut outs and crops.

Add co-buyer

Please add the ability to add multiple co-buyers, at the moment only one co-buyer+realtor can be added.


Can’t travel w/o it

It helps finding reasonable price in housing


Very frustrating

Just started my search for my first home and this app continues to time out or mention “an unexpected error occurred” as I try to sign up. I’ve tried directly connecting through Facebook and putting in my email manually with no avail.

Estimate is wrong

The house I purchased for some reason dropped 15% in price with no explanation with similar houses selling for more than before.

Love Redfin but...

Really like Redfin. Used your company when purchasing my home. Also really like your app. Great usability. BUT... it’s a real pain that you don’t show all MLS listings and only areas you cover. You’re forcing me to use Realtor’s terrible app simply because they show more MLS listings than you do.


Scott Dudley is hardworking, accommodating and makes the hunt for a house fun!

Searching the Market the Easy Way

Redfin is the easiest way to access the market and has a plethora of information at your finger tips.

Just Okay

The biggest issue is the loading time for the images. The app itself is fairly easy to use.

Poor app from dishonest unprofessional company

I would’ve hoped for more.

Every good

I just want looking new house

Good app, needs new features

I use this app a lot, but feel it lacks the ability to: Easily mark a home or property “don’t like” so it doesn’t keep appearing in your search results and you can focus only on the home’s in consideration or new. Perfectly filter out new construction. Hot home feature is okay but would rather see a car guru feature that would indicate that a home is below, at or above potential market value. Would like the photos to auto rotate and still have the ability to pause and replay the slide thru

Stuck loading

After changing the filter criteria, the app is stuck on loading mode. You have to reboot the phone to and re-open Redfin app. Please fix it.

Redfin is the best

Redfin help us get our dream home. Thank You Pam Henderson and her team at Redfin!!


Filters don’t work on app!

Title is self explanatory and I don’t use the app because of this.

X-outs won’t stayotherwise great app

Title says it all.

Preferences do not work

After setting preferences on the type of house we are looking for, I am still getting notifications that do not fit my parameters. Why have a drawing tool if it doesn’t work?

So mad!

I was using this app for months while trying to find a house and for some reason one day, it logged me out of the app and I had to log back in. After logging back in, NONE of my saved houses are still saved. It completely cleared my history and all the work I’ve done, on top of being so glitchy in the first place. It doesn’t hold on to commute times that you enter in (even though its supposed to), the map is glitchy, clicking on a house is like rocket science if that house is directly next to another being sold. Redfin needs to get their act together because this app got really crappy, VERY quickly.

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