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Best app for real estate!

Me gusta mucho

Me gusta mucho

Desktop yes. App no

Redfin desktop is great but not the app. Search setting and saved settings I had set on the desktop do not transfer over to the app completely Messing up my searches and filters. Also, some filter options not available on the app.

Good app but buggy

Keeps crashing on my iPhone X even when I restart the phone.

More than Excelent!

I loved this App, if you are looking to buy your new home, this is the right App, a lot information is collected for each listed property, pictures of it, etc, etc. Easy to use!

Very flawed app

I have tried several of the different filters and I always get zero results. If I go on the website then there are hundreds. This app is severely flawed. Do not use it to look for a home.




Latest version keeps freezing and crashing constantly. It’s become really slow. I’m just switching to use on safari now and deleting this junk.


Up to date information, easy to use, tons of useful data. I can covers tons of properties to evaluate from home.

Like this app

Simple and very complete 👌🏾


Too many flaws - nearly impossible to add a comment to my co-buyer, I hit the button and nothing happens.

Notifications are out of control

I used to love this app until it started sending erroneous notifications all day long today and yesterday.

Please consider including the crime index

I like this app. Hope it could include the crime index or something like that for each area, marking with different color just like that on Trulia crime map.

Love it

This app has been helpful trying to find a home to buy easy to use and set up viewings

Home values are crap

I’ve emailed multiple times about changing my home estimate. Zillow has my house at $660k. Comps are selling low $600k. Redfin has it at $494k! It’s a joke.

Easy to navigate App.

Easy to Navigate this app. Fast moving data. Easy to request viewing and lots of good information included.

Great app

Very helpful, I enjoy the app very much

It Just Doesn’t Work

I can’t use this app - it doesn’t return any results when I search. Nothing happens after I press “search”.

Best app ever! -for its purpose, of course :)

The app is amazing. Easy to use, super efficient. The best real estate partner ever.

Great app

I would have given this app 5 stars, but it show places that’s for rent or in foreclosure.

Maybe the best real estate app

It really does have the most up to date listing info for the areas it covers. It's easy to search or just browse. The walk ability scores are a big plus; and ownership costs, including HOA or condo fees, are a great help.



Improvements Needed

I love the app overall. Refin always has the quickest updates when a property is listed. In this market, that is important. I also love the fact that you can search by school zone. The thing I HATE about this app is that when you (x) a property it still shows it. This is the one thing that other real estate apps do better. When I don’t like a property I want to option to remove it from my search so I don’t have to continue to weed through the ones I know I don’t want.

Good app

Functions in a highly efficient manner by bringing together a map/ price view and photo-with-key-details in same overview window, then just one touch / click to item-specific page. Needs a finer granularity on filter for pricing (currently 254 increments); also needs a master-on-main filter. Should specify fees (e.g. HOA ) as monthly or annually.

Best Home Apps Ever!

This app gives all the details you need without a realtor adding polish to a broken shoe! Used it for my first home.

Frequent issues

App is always broken, freezing, etc.

Keeps asking for my password to view pictures...

I’m already signed in. I look at a home, try to look at pictures, it says I need to re-enter my password. So I do and then the login screen just goes blank. It’s just been doing this recently...please fix or update?!

Great app and real time data

Love Redfin app. I have been using Redfin app last 2 years- the house info are real time data. I used Zillow app but their data usually 2-3 days delayed which can cause lots of problems when you tries to buy a house in this seller’s market. It’s also a great app to check the house market in your neighborhood. Highly recommend to everyone.

Best in Class!

The BEST site to track your searches without a doubt! Don’t waist time on other sites!


It’s ok, not all inclusive of the MLS. Also the Redfin estimates can be off, especially for those properties listed by Redfin (for obvious reasons). Wouldn’t beat too much value in their estimates, they are like any other company- bought and paid for

Misleading info

The app is easy to use however there are several areas where it’s very misleading. 1) the listings show as if it’s on the market or Active, when in fact the property could be under contract (in escrow). 2). Schedule a Tour. This is for the Redfin agent to call you but you actually can’t get into the property because the agent will tell you it’s in escrow already. Waste of time to keep scheduling a tour. Other than that it’s a nice app.

I love this app. but...

I love this app. but... I do soo wish you covered more locations!!! :)


Great app


Slow to update

Best house hunting app!

Redfin is definitely the best app for finding a house fast. The market around here is tough - houses sell within a few days of being listed. Redfin is always the first to notify me of new listings. Love it!

Quality Drop

Massive degradation in quality in the latest update. Loading spinners block UI often and don’t dismiss, requiring a force close to continue. Often, data doesn’t load when panning the map. UI changes moved the filter button and replaced with a map toggle, blowing away months of muscle memory. Going to reluctantly try some of the alternatives.

Truly enjoyable

We were able to find our dream home with minimal effort, and tons of enjoyment. Redfin takes the “sales process” out of the home buying process.

Zillow is better

I wanted to compare home values from Zillow to Redfin's estimates. After browsing lots of homes on zillow I open he redfin app and it can't find my house. Hmm, I just looked at the estimate on my iPhone, why not on the iPad? I then use the nearby home value function. Again, nothing found. Hmm. All I see is homes recently sold or for sale, not home values for homes off market even though just yesterday I used the iPhone app to view some (which was irritating since I have to search for a specific address rather than just browse the map).


It shows the property inside as if you are walking in it It gives good and enough details

Rotate your app

Ridiculous that you can’t rotate this app.

Best real estate app!

This is definitely the best real estate app, and I have tried all of the most popular real estate apps. This by far is the best and most accurate.

The Best Real Estate App

It is a great research tool. Virtual tours deliver quality feedback and help you protect invaluable time you would otherwise spend driving around or meeting with less interesting real estate agents. We went on multiple tours and met with their agents. They are professionals and deliver a great customer experience. They are knowledgeable too. While we finally purchased with a builder, Redfin, nonetheless was instrumental in our decision making process. Thank you.

Liking this app

I like that I can see where it is and when the house is updated or not

Used to recommend to everyone

But they just moved the filter button from the top right where it’s been since the launch of this app, to the top left. What’s the purpose of these changes? The reason amazon and google do so well is they don’t make changes like this. They serve no purpose to the user. Let us use the app the way we’ve been using it for ten years.

Update broke app

This was my first choice real estate app but this latest update broke the app. I can no longer search for homes, and I can no longer view anywhere but Seattle. I am not searching in Seattle. Please fix the update!

Best of the Bunch

I’ve moved a lot and looked for numerous houses. Redfin with it’s walkability ratings and other helpful features is the best house hunting app I’ve found.


I am so happy whit this app Always refreshing the houses information ..


Good real estate app for mini-tours. Only problem is it only works in landscape mode, does not work in portrait mode. Limits its usefulness. iPad iOS

Does it all!

Except sort by estimated payment. That would be five star worthy.

Redfin is awesome App.

thanks for making such a wonderful tool to help people find homes.

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