Redfin Real Estate アプリのレビュー

Great tool

Very timely app for looking new homes on the market.

New homes

Last update is lame. No longer possible to remove the red outline after searching location? Okay. And why is satellite view taking up so much space on the screen?

Bad, will not search information

This app and website will NOT send you the houses in your search criteria. It send anything you have click on. I have missed out on multiple houses because it will not send me houses in my search criteria, only houses $1.5 million and above. You are better off with other apps.

Good App and Great Realtors

Overall I find the app easy to use and good for searching, scheduling tours, and getting in touch with the Redfin staff. A couple things I wish were options are: being able to search by foundation type, crime/safety data, demographic data. Other companies provide this information, i don’t think it should be difficult for Redfin to provide this info as well.

Sending me notifications I didn’t ask for

When you send me notifications for properties not meeting my saved search criteria it distracts from what I really want from your app. Maybe I’m just picky and unique, but if I want to be notified when a house goes for sale in a certain school district, it doesn’t mean I want notifications from the school district in the city next to it as well. Otherwise I like your app. The unwanted notifications are added noise in a already daunting search.

Forced to use portrait view

Has become less usable. Can no longer see multiple thumbnails, wasted space on the left and right of screen when viewing a property detail, etc. I don’t see the need to force users into this less useful design.

It’s okay

This app has some okay features, however it always crashes and I doesn’t like how it shows you houses you X out.

Best Real Estate App

The best real estate app out there. Easy to use, saves you money in real estate commission and they offer better marketing tools than traditional realtors. Oh did I mention they staged my property for free. 5 stars Redfin for looking out for the consumer.

Love it!

Makes house hunting sooo easy


The Best real estate app I am aware of

No Satellite Overlay!

The lack of satellite overlay completely ruined this app. Redfin goes from being one of the best real estate apps to useless for the vast majority of users. It boggles my mind why they would remove such a crucial feature. Satellite overlay is absolutely must with any real estate app. Real estate apps that don't have satellite overlay might as well just shut down.

Love the app, which I could access all the search filters.

Seems to have the most current listing data. Recent update changed the UI for the worse. Harder to see property details when clicking from map view. Half the search filters cut off in iPad app, making it impossible to filter results or create new searches.

Runs slow

Maybe because my internet speed is generally slow, but this app seems to run very slow. Also, I like to save searches and get alerts, but it seems I get alerts for houses that are not related to saved searches, but instead may be related to an adhoc search I did at one time. Overall these real estate engines are very helpful though, so I am giving the benefit of the doubt and rating 4 stars.

Great app

Great app

Love it but can be improved

I love this app but I would make two suggestions. First, bring back the “nearby” button for searching. Second, have pending sales show up as a different color. Thanks.

Recent bug?

Used to love the app; my favorite feature was being able to filter by Open House Only this weekend. Now you have to turn off the open house only button for any open houses to show up, plus you get all kinds of houses for sale/already sold. So, something broke with a recent update.

Home values way off

Great app for seeing homes that are for sale. Home estimates are way off actual values.

It’s My Favorite Of Them All

I have Zillow,, and Trulia and this one is my favorite. I like how it clearly identifies open houses and best of all, if you click “more” under the information for a particular property it says what type of water and sewer connection there is. It has way more useful information than zillow.

Glitchy with new update

Notifications advise there are new homes on my list that meet my criteria, however, upon opening the app there are no new homes. Also a home I know to be for sale keeps coming up not for sale in a general search of the area. I used to love the app but now has issues. Please update with a bug fix. Thank you

Give us a Notification Center!

Still waiting for a way to view a list of recent notifications... What a huge oversight. If I get more than one notification and jump to the app from one of them, I have no way of looking at the other notifications and they are essentially lost. So frustrating.


Love this app. However after the last update the app may still have bugs. The app shut off on its own, freezes and pictures cannot be enlarged. Please fix ASAP :)

Latency and crashing issue

Redfin app started crashing and seemed to have some latency issues after I upgraded to iOS 11 I found steps which made it crashy and slow. Launch the app, it had lot of houses in map view, I tapped on list view and you would see app is not responding and taking time to load.


Best site and app to stay current with changes to individual listings. Updated every few minutes which allows for notifications to be sent to subscribers quickly. Have used Redfin for over 3 years now and find it to be a valuable resource.

Could use a portrait mode

Pretty solid app. Would prefer to browse in portrait mode, but it isn’t available.

Awesome app

This is a wonderful app for both real estate agents, seller and buyers alike! It gives a lot uber-to-date information on houses sold and on the market. Plus it has a lot of functions that are useful as well! It is an excellent addition to the zip form app.

Great savings

The discounts I received was used toward the down payment for closing cost. It was very helpful.

Best real estate website and app!

My spouse and I love this site and app. We use it on Apple and Android platforms and it works well on both. We also share an account, which makes it super easy to share the listings with each other. We love that you can schedule open house "tours" for yourself, and search on school districts. Other sites will just identify the closest schools, which are not always the assigned schools. If the house is searchable on a district website, it's included here.

Can't view photos

It keeps saying I have to accept terms. I have an account that is verified. This is garbage

wish portrait mode worked on iPad

Great for keeping track of the market while looking for our first home. Has most of the features of the site. I wish that the iPad app worked in portrait mode though.

Wrost update

Terrible performance, crashes all the time. Useless.

Used it to buy our home

Seriously love everything about Redfin. The app, the agents and the ease of use to buy a home. Great search tool for finding exactly what you need, with new listings shown right away in real time so you don't miss out on the great ones!

Latest Update Not Value Added

Can't convert the view to see nothing but homes... you have to look at the map. You also can't scroll to the next home when viewing a property detail page as before... which really bugs.

For recent sold properties, doesn’t show the sold price

I was doing some research for my new investment property. I pull a listing of recent sold properties in the area, and just realized that Redfin doesn’t show the sold price on the listing, but the Redfin estimate (Redfin estimate is significantly higher than the actual sold price), you can only view this information by clicking into each property and looking at the pricing history. The information given was a bit misleading, and the amount I paid is more than 5% higher than the sold prices of the other comparable units in the same building. I will switch to Zillow and Realtor instead..



Best real estate app

This is by far the best real estate app out there.

Great place to find your house

We are so happy that Redfin was the first place where we found our house awesome!!!


Better now that they fixed the pop ups. Thanks.

My Go-To Real Estate App

Love Redfin in general. The app is an integral part of the quality Redfin experience. I get all the details and info that I need in one spot. I can see the history of the property from day one through today, plus understand the detailed layout of the house, get a quick street view, even time my drive from work to “home,” and, on top of everything else, schedule a showing- all in the app. I like being able to choose houses on the map that are not on the market, to view, so I can get an idea of what sold recently, or, see pics of a home from the last time it sold. ***Attn. Dev: When I email my agent through the app, it won’t close out the email once I hit send. I have to reset my phone to clear out the email and be able to go back to browsing properties. Wishlist: Make it so I can easily copy an address and paste it elsewhere. It’s a pain to get the address to actually give me the option to message it. I have to tap it repeatedly and play with it until it finally gives me the option to message it. I’d rather be able to copy and paste it.

Current info - great details

Great map to property details. Additional info on past sales and tax very useful.

IOS 11 broke your app, but is now fixed

Crash/hang/freeze *update* looks like its fixed!

Heather Filbert

The very best I've ever worked with looking forward to hiring Heather again

worked great until last update-amended:)

*thanks for the quick fix - the issue no longer exists! updated yesterday, and now it freezes, doesn’t open...tried deleting and downloaded again, still not working. maybe a new fix needed? thanks!

Great App

Great app! I bought a property due to this app

Really great customer support

The team went above and beyond to address an issue and to keep me posted as a fix was put in place. Thanks a bunch.


Need to fix this new update. I can't see no homes

Not able to see listing information

Still not able to see the information on any listing. Sent in report, they say know of the problem and are working to fix it. Recommended for now to log in and out, which I did, but the problem persists. I also removed the app and installed it again, no luck. I guess will have to go back to realtor or zillow.

New iOS Software Incompatibility w/email

Since downloading the newest Apple software, I’ve been unable to follow links from my emails to the Redfin app. Keeps freezing on me. Please fix quickly!

Latest version doesn't open!

Lame update, app is dead

Google Maps Not Rendering

In general love Redfin, but the maps function in the iOS app hasn't worked for several weeks. Rendering is always gray on top half of street view.

House hunter 300x

This app helps me find exactly what kind of house I'm looking for

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