Redfin Real Estate アプリのレビュー

Great look and feel. Terrible glitches and bugs

Changing and removing filters stops the app from working. Changing searches causes the app to crash Cannot get out of gallery sometimes because the back button disappears. This is not an android phone...

Looking around

I like this app, simply because it's easy to use and allows me to keep my eye on the price of property, in places I'm considering relocation.

Directions App

Why can't you tie into a real directions app instead of forcing the use of your worthless directions feature and making it impossible to copy the address so we can just paste it into a working app?!

Great app

Shows the current sales

Really good

Love everything about the app but a couple improvements needed. 1) Show all alert activity somewhere. If I have multiple alerts they sometimes disappear from my notifications after I click the first one. Also if I have an alert on the icon I’m not sure where there are updates for me to check - comments from my wife or new listings or what. 2) On a couple screens there is a build that takes a second or two to load and it moves the screen down. This gets to be annoying when going through multiple listings and yo have to wait or accidentally click the wrong thing and have to go back. One example is the listing screen where the details load.

Latest update very buggy


Great app!

Can almost always find what I need to see. Great details and rarely any bugs. Like it a lot, my go to real estate app!

Extremely flawed algorithms...

Their estimates are so ridiculously off it can be comical. They have estimated show at 70% of a taxable value while showing that homes in that market sell for 130% of taxable value. Upon pointing out a flaw, you get condescending communication from them.

Annoying but helpful

I like the app, it updates quick. However, I keep getting notifications for houses well above my price range. I set it to show me houses in my limit, yet I’m still getting updates for houses over $200,000 more than I’m looking for.

Never do a 3D tour

Unless you want to do a 3D tour for that listing forever and ever, because you will never be able to do anything other than the 3D tour for that listing. There’s no exiting out of the 3D tour, only exiting out of the listing. Who on earth thought that was a good idea?

App lacks intuition

The general functionality of this app suffers tremendously because of the boundaries that were placed while viewing areas. Whoever decided to limit ones search based on the actual city lines needs to take a closer look at why apps like trulia and zillow are so popular. One reason, it’s easy. Why should I be limited in my search within Redfin while I’m free to roam anywhere I chose in the other apps? The only thing this app has going for it is that when you click a photo it will activate a library view of all photos vertically. That’s it. Everything is done better in other apps.

Great site

This site is wonderful. Great way to see property and keep up with the trending market.

Recently made worse

This app used to be great, not perfect, but great. But now they eliminated the ability to see the pictures full screen and replaced it with a super annoying gallery view. So much worse - have to look at these tiny pictures only now. And those gallery pics won't even load for me all the time. They really ruined it.

Great app

Very up to date information, and more info on lot size and square footage than other cites. Also, Redfin realtors post comments about the properties hat are very helpful.

False notification alerts

It keeps telling me I have notifications and then I go in and there are no notifications. No new houses, not even other useless notifications that prompted the notification alert in the first place. Uninstalled and will just do a manual search instead.

Only Real Estate App we use

Love this app- so user friendly, I can share comments with my husband and can enter my favorite locations to see commute times!

Download files

Great product certain regions of country. Like to see the listing download option on app version


Great site!

Crap app

This app works is a joke. They have my home listed over $150,000 below the true price. I have emailed them and begged them to change it to the correct value but no response. It’s very upsetting that they can undervalue my home, which is in better shape than most in my neighbourhood. Screw Redfin.


Very informative site,

Just for browsing.

This app is great to just look at homes. If you actually want to schedule a showing the app won’t let you, and gives you an error. I just use this app to find places and then I go to either or other realtors to view the homes in person.

The best app

So easy to find what ever you are looking for.

My parents is going Jill you!! 🤗🤗!!

I like my dog!! 🤗🤗😆

Misplaced Homes

Please work on getting the home listings in the right place. The locations you are highlighting as the listed property can be blocks away from the actual location.

Super useful but buggy.

Great app but it keeps freezing and shutting down. Otherwise, very convenient.

Gets worse with each update.

This used to be my favorite real estate app, but in the last few months it has gotten super flakey. Each update brings new problems. Open a saved search and it shows no houses...until you move it a tiny bit, and it then shows the dozens that are there. Open a house and it's a 50/50 chance you'll get to see the pics. I have to restart the app constantly. Not good.


Immediately started sending unsolicited spam.

Used to be great

The new updates have ruined this once great app. When you change the search criteria it just loads endlessly and needs to be restarted. Unusable now

Needs more info

Would be nice if it showed how many acres each lot was


best app!

Thank you

We found our condo on Redfin!

Annoying iPhone X bug

I keep encountering this bug when I expand a home detail page and for some reason it does not have the down chevron in the top left corner so I can’t close the page. This forces me to kill the app and reopen it. Please fix this!!

Quality Drop, No iPad Pro Support

Update: Seriously, you still only support the original iPad screen size? I thought you guys were a large company... Massive degradation in quality in the latest update. Loading spinners block UI often and don’t dismiss, requiring a force close to continue. Often, data doesn’t load when panning the map. UI changes moved the filter button and replaced with a map toggle, blowing away months of muscle memory. Going to reluctantly try some of the alternatives.

Much better display of pics!

With the newest update, when you view the pics of a property, all of the photos show up instead of one picture at a time. A definite improvement!


Great application for home purchases

Great updates & mapping -- Beware asking questions!

This is a fantastic app that offers all you need to know about properties in the area in which you're looking. You can choose an existing area or draw your own boundaries. A great feature is being able to literally map out your open house schedule with a tap from inside the app. Just one caution: Don't ask a question on the app or site. If you do, you will be assigned a Redfin agent who will be the same person regardless of what part of the country your search takes you to. And it's hard to get them to let go.

Map view is not userInteractionEnabled

Repro steps (sporadically) - tap on a listing annotation on the map. - slide the bottom sheet listing photo up then end pan gesture right away to let it snap back to the bottom screen - sometimes mapview freezes and need to hard close the app Please fix it and write some UI tests.


About 50% of the time I click on a home I can’t exit and go back to the map. They app isn’t resizing on the iPhone X properly and the exit button is not on the screen anymore.

Pretty darn good!

While not as quick to change locations & states to buy in, overall I appreciate the quality & total information!

Completely Bogus Commute Times

While the commute time feature is nice, it’s complete 🔥💩🔥 on mobile. I’ve observed for the exact same commute addresses, on the exact same properties, with the same rush hour settings be off by over 2x when compared to the website. Why?!?!? This makes the commute feature useless in the mobile apps.

Filter by Walk score!

Please let us filter by walk score.

Great app - one big missing element

Could really use a filter based on school rating. Otherwise fantastic.

Great app

Thanks to free market capitalism we have this great app.

They fixed the issues I had super fast!

I had originally given the app 3 stars as I was having issues using a couple of the features - the developers of the Redfin app clearly read the reviews and update the app accordingly because it now works seamlessly! I’m very impressed with that alone and have updated my review to reflect. I love this app, out of the three main real estate apps that I have, this one has the most up to date info. We recently put our house up for sale and Redfin updated almost the exact second that we changed from for sale to pending, closely followed by Zillow and dragging its heels 4 hours later! The app itself is very user friendly and super easy to navigate. I will continue to use this as we search for our next home to purchase in the next few weeks as it has some nifty functions that the others are lacking such as the commute time and the ability to zoom in/out whilst still viewing the property plot lines. I appreciate the work the developers put into making sure this app works for everyone.

Excellent App

Look up any home anywhere and obtain a estimated value. Great and interesting.


Much better than Zillow

Redfin is very active and updates frequently

Very precise info and details you need to find your future home

How to modify the location on New Homes?

I no longer want to see certain cities/locations display under New Homes For You. How do we remove the cities/locations? I check Settings, but it doesn’t have the option.

Great app for house hunting

Am really enjoying the experience and the agents helping are great!!

Not worth the download

Constantly have to close app and reopen to refresh the location in order to see the results

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