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Best RE app ever!

Love the Redfin app! Hands down it is the best search app out there. I am seeing reviews from people who said the satellite view was taken off the map. I just checked my app and the option to see the map in satellite is still there. ???Today's date: 1/16/18.


If I “X” out a home, why does it still appear in my searches?! New Construction homes still appear also even though I toggled them OFF!! Also doesn’t save Sorting preferences.....!

Better than Zillow, Trulia, & Others

This is by far the best Real Estate app ever. Love it so much. Just couple recommendations, please put an option to check crime rate in the neighborhood & find a house based on lease or fee land. Other than that, this app is perfect. Love it so much. One of the features that I like is they show you the car dependent. Thank you guys

Great app!!!

I love that it sends updates anytime one of your favorites gets updated. I do wish it showed more information about sold homes in the area that you are looking. Like what the averages per sq. Ft in that neighborhood has been over the past year. It is much easier to locate and save homes you like on this app. I have two other apps on my phone for finding houses for sale. But I hardly look at them. Ive been looking for about two years now. Please do not change the app.

Market star

Houses pop up almost instantly it seems. Market info is quick

Great app

Very easy to use


Bought my condo with Redfin! Great app and great customer service. Highly recommend using them!

A very good website for real estate

Easy to use

Amazing App!

Download now!

Easy to use

Gives me all the info I need to make a decision to whether go see a place or not.


Great app!! When similar apps carry real estate information YET no Photos, Redfin always has photos!!

Cannot adjust Notifications in ios settings

Go to Settings > General > Notifications. This is where you have all of the Apps installed on your phone that requested access to send you notifications. Redfin app never asks for that permission and is not listed in this section. Do they send you Notifications even though they never asked for that permission? Sure they do. Is that a cool thing to do? Definitely not.


I really enjoy the simplicity of my searches! Looking forward to the expansion to cities like Kalispell, MT!

55+ should have its own option

There are many homes for sale that look promising but as soon you start reading through the description...BOOM 55+ community. There needs to be a way filter out those communities. On an unrelated note, I still haven’t found an answer to why 55+ communities need 5 bedrooms and 4 baths....

Bought my condo with it

Streamlined the process of buying and comparing homes. They weren’t kidding about getting better data than competitors. My top choice and would recommend to anyone thinking of buying a house.


Love it

Deeplink issue on iPhone X

The close button for every deeplink page is overlapped with status bar. I have to close the app and relaunch after every deeplink otherwise I am stuck in the page. Please fix.

Best real estate app on the market

Way better than Zillow, real time listings. Also you can see if it’s a short sale straight away. Great job Redfin!!!!

Great interface but gets some info wrong

Very user friendly but wish there were more filter options to include or remove things like coops. The estimate of costs also gets some things wrong for coops as it double counts state taxes which are included in the hoa fees.


Must have for new home purchase!

Great app

Better than all the rest!

The only real estate app I use

Real time status for homes that beats all the other apps!! I've personally used this app twice to buy homes.


Easy and Fun to use.

Great app

Has been such a useful tool in our house search. All the info we need at our finger tips!

Keeps Resetting

Asks for login every time using it. Very annoying.

Way better than Zillow

I was missing a ton of available properties till I got this!

Simple enough

Just started using it and seems stable and intuitive enough

Great app

I love this app to browse through homes that are on the market. It's super easy to use 😊

Great App. Great Company.

Great app. Easy to navigate and schedule appointments. Tons of information. Very easy to use. I’d recommend the app and Redfin to anyone considering buying or selling.

Generally works ok, really annoying for NYC

Works fine usually, the way search works isn’t super intuitive but easy enough to manage. However, looking in NYC requires you to re-enter your password to see beyond the first photo for each property, which I do but it doesn’t work and asks for my password again. When I try again I get blank screens and weird re-directs. At some point it eventually clears but most of the time I just give up...this bug has been happening for a few months now.

Always on

I love that I can designate a turret area and receive updates on new listings immediately.

Excellent App

This app works great for my needs. Is great at showing a large number of homes on the market in my area. It allows me to watch and tells me if there is a lot of interest in the home. Seeing the pictures works excellent and notices of changes are great. I don’t use the desktop version so have not experienced any differences among platforms. The only improvement I would recommend is the feature that allows friends or partners to see your favorites or interests. It doesn’t seem to work well

Watch out for fake owner/Ads

I have seen two ads with house very low priced that are being sold by owners. The story is the same, we are out of town but we can give you access, is a death in the family/missionaries etc... contacted Redfin, they asked me for address and have not heard from them! Stay safe out there and Redfin should be verifying ownership of the people placing ads on their page and or app! Don’t fall for the ad!!!


Best appp no bugs

Missing Feature From Web

On the Redfin website you're able to click on links to previous listings of a property in the transaction history. The mobile app does not have these links present. Please add them.

Awesome Search Tool

I think this is an awesome real estate research tool. The content is strong, presentation has a high quality feel, navigation is intuitive - super simple. For these reasons, I have used it in several house search’s.

Best real estate app

I prefer Redfin over Zillow and Trulia. Redfin seems to be the most current when looking for houses on the market.

Up to the minute data.

When we bought our home, our agent was telling us that her own MLS updates were appearing in just a few hours on redfin. Easy to use, updated and not clogged with pop up ads. Everything you want in a real estate app and far more current than the z competitor.

New homes

Not possible to remove the red outline after searching for a location? Very poor user experience.

Great App

The filters and search parameters as well as the ability comparison of home values next to the homes for sale make Redfin the best app for home searches.


Great app!

Good view

This is a great app to useful!

Useless notifications

Keeps suggesting homes above my price range after I have created an account and saved a search. Disappointing to keep getting notifications of places outside of my budget.

App design immensely useful

Great app . Very intuitive and user friendly

Expedited our search!

Epic & outstanding— works way better than Zillow! Redfin has expedited our search, making it easy to search and be notified for multiple areas! The app is responsive and user-friendly!


Information is useful

Please overlay train/bus stops (at least in the NYC area)

Would like to see an overlay of subway and bus stops in the New York City areas. I like the map feature but for me to assess the home’s value I need to see how far it is from the subway. I need to go to google maps to do that now.



I use this, and I am a Realtor

Will show if a home is Pending (sellers have accepted an offer) or available. Easy to use!

Great app

Redefining the real estate market. This app is great and makes it easy to search for homes, schedule appointments, etc. really recommend this app and company if you are home searching or selling a home. The only thing that needs some work is the favorites section when sharing with another person. For some reason it’s hard to remove shared favorites.

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