Redfin Real Estate Recenzje App

Just Okay

The biggest issue is the loading time for the images. The app itself is fairly easy to use.

Poor app from dishonest unprofessional company

I would’ve hoped for more.

Every good

I just want looking new house

Good app, needs new features

I use this app a lot, but feel it lacks the ability to: Easily mark a home or property “don’t like” so it doesn’t keep appearing in your search results and you can focus only on the home’s in consideration or new. Perfectly filter out new construction. Hot home feature is okay but would rather see a car guru feature that would indicate that a home is below, at or above potential market value. Would like the photos to auto rotate and still have the ability to pause and replay the slide thru

Stuck loading

After changing the filter criteria, the app is stuck on loading mode. You have to reboot the phone to and re-open Redfin app. Please fix it.

Redfin is the best

Redfin help us get our dream home. Thank You Pam Henderson and her team at Redfin!!


Filters don’t work on app!

Title is self explanatory and I don’t use the app because of this.

X-outs won’t stayotherwise great app

Title says it all.

Preferences do not work

After setting preferences on the type of house we are looking for, I am still getting notifications that do not fit my parameters. Why have a drawing tool if it doesn’t work?

So mad!

I was using this app for months while trying to find a house and for some reason one day, it logged me out of the app and I had to log back in. After logging back in, NONE of my saved houses are still saved. It completely cleared my history and all the work I’ve done, on top of being so glitchy in the first place. It doesn’t hold on to commute times that you enter in (even though its supposed to), the map is glitchy, clicking on a house is like rocket science if that house is directly next to another being sold. Redfin needs to get their act together because this app got really crappy, VERY quickly.

Needs larger search aro

Love Redfin but area needs to be widened

Why remove features with updates?

I use this app to find new homeowners. It was Convenient when I could X off the homes I’ve already spoken to, now I jus have to guess and remember. Why remove this feature?? Wish I never updated app very frustrating please fix!!!


Easy up to date. Awesome

All in one place

This app is all you need to find the best possible service to buy/sell a home...everything is all in one place...

Bring the X out back

Please bring the X out back some updates are horrendous

Needs Updates

I turned off notifications within the app yet still receive them constantly. The app itself is fine, but the constant bombardment of notifications is overwhelming. Will uninstall if not fixed soon.




Can’t get into it

Great but not quite

Please support portrait mode! Also, the new homes notifications are way off based and not even close to my existing filters. It’s more noise than helpful!

Do Not Update

Horrible. They have removed so many features like the map option. If I could leave zero stars, I would. Edit 2: When the app crashes(it does often) it does not resume where you left off. Edit: Now when you change search parameters the map zooms out so now you lost whatever neighborhood you're looking at. This app has gone downhill Edit 09/2018: new update is extremely glitchy

Useful, but could be improved...

I’ve been using Redfin for 3+ years already... It helped me find my home this year. However, the ‘new homes’ feature could be significantly improve. Am not sure which algorithm they’re using, but is way off!!!!! It’s constantly showing me homes outside my price range, condos (which i’ve never been interested in—> as my saved searches are for single family homes!), etc etc. Filters in the app are less comprehensive than their website...

Data loss: New update made me lost all favorites except the latest one

I was happy with Redfin app until the latest update. I found all my favorites were gone. There were about 10 but now only the latest one is still there.

Awesome experience

This is our first home buy. Our Realitor Michael Espiritu and the Redfin team have been great.

Accurate Information

My only complaint about this app is that Redfin doesn’t yet have coverage in all areas. Otherwise it is accurate and up to date on MLS listings.

Crashes Regularly on iPad

When it tries to restore the site, I'm logged out... very frustrating all the way around.

Fast and easy!

Up to date site with current listings.

Real Estate

Good App for Real Estate needs.🙂🇺🇸.

Lacks features

This app could be better in terms of giving the end user an option to filter out locations that they don’t want to see pop up in their new homes section!

Can’t get emails to stop coming to me.

I’ve unsubscribed, changed my preferences, email setting, I can’t get the emails to stop coming, I don’t want them anymore.

Good app with a minor bug

In 3d mode, sometimes there is no way to exit 3d view. There is a back button on the left top but it sometimes disappear so I have to restart my iphone (Restart app doesn't do anything)


Excellent app

Really like the details for each house

I really like the detail information for each house with the pictures and property summary. Really informative.

Love the site

Love it

Crashes on home screen

Agent changed and so crashed on home screen? Fix soon??

It's okay

Other Re Apps seem to work better... Try Compass it is faster for me...


Brah the things gucci

User friendly.

I found the house I am living in from Redfin. I like how I can slide the first picture to the right and see the backyard landscape, instead of having to slide left for 30 times til I see the backyard landscape. (Most inside of houses are similar) Keep it up Redfin! I erased the other house app... zzzzzzil

No Filter for View Homes

Unusable for me. Website offers this filter (-3 stars for me)


I’m currently looking to buy a house so me and my mother can upsize our living style and so far I’ve seen great houses that Redfin has been recommending to me

Bring back X out option

You used to be able to cross out homes that you were not interested in by clicking the x to shade it out on the map. Please bring that feature back as have been using app for a year because of that option. Also when I change from sol me homes to homes for sale the app freezes on iPhone X. Thanks.

Latest updates

Always-Redfin has latest ,very quick and 98% accurate information.

Great but...

Please allow filtering criteria on school rating and a filter on whether the unit has a bed bath in the main floor. As a customer I have to click into the losing to uncover these details. This information is supplied via the MLS listing so allowing filter on it will be a great customer experience.

Increasingly annoying

Redfin's app really burns me up at times. I set my upper search limit at $350k, and it sends me countless notifications for homes over $500k. Completely useless for me. I did e-mail customer support, they told me to check my app settings. That's not the problem. **update** It's getting worse. I have my app set to search one city, up to $350k. It sends me listings over $500k that are 200 miles away from me. Getting ready to delete the app if they don't fix it.

Simple, easy to navigate and reliable house hunting app.

My title description says it all. Best realty app. Needs small tweaking to improve repeat searching when comparing apt/condo units. We have successfully utilized for our last two residences. Certainly will use in future and highly recommend to anyone searching or selling a property. Mcgoo

Most recent update fixed crashing bug

Easy to use app. Lists many but not all houses. Definitely like their setup for seeing a house you’re interested in. Just simple and easy to schedule a tour.

Keeps on asking to review

would have given 5 stars if it did not keep on asking


Been very pleased with what you are showing of property s in certain areas I am looking haven't quite found what I am looking for but there's still time so will continue to keep looking for that home thank you again

Filter did not work

I tried to narrow searching by using filter and it won’t work. I thought it was my phone that gave me problem but, it was not my phone but the app itself. I uninstall the app and reinstall it but still won’t work.

Redfin Displays bad DOM data

5323 Garrison is DOM 6, but Redfin programming displays 71? The Legal and financial ramifications for Redfin's erronious and misrepresentation of Data is very negative for the public client/customers home. Looks like a simple class action lawsuit when there is no excuse for simple computer data porting/exporting/synching etc. CA Broker Silicon Valley

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