Redfin Real Estate App Reviews

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Its cool man

Must have for house searching!

This is a great app. It shows a map right away so you know if the house will be of any interest. The pictures are available easily and enlarge. The stats/history and nearby sales are available. Most importantly, homes arrive in my email very quickly when there is a new listing or change to a status or price. I am also on a local realtors email blasts and Redfins is always sent before hers. Love it,

Helpful and easy to use

I consult Redfin on a regular basis. Its great for keeping track of the market where I have a vacation home. As Im only there from time-to-time, it helps me know whats going on in my neighborhood when Im not around and what the real estate market is doing.

Doesnt Load

Former bugs have been worked out and the app overall is good. Its really annoying to be asked to turn on Bluetooth for location accuracy all the time. Is not a GPS app and I dont need to do this... very nagging.


Ok whats the point of an app that says everything is sold. Its like going to a shopping mall and having every store saying closed.

Used to love the Redfin app - now its useless

Ive been in search of a home for a couple months now and Redfin has proven to be great - until recently. I now continually get homes recommended to me that are way outside of my saved search and mapped parameters. Why the change? Its very frustrating to get continual notifications for homes that I dont care about. No longer do I have a list of "new homes" that fit my search criteria; I do my own manual search that makes me feel that I am missing out on relevant homes because Im digging thru so much irrelevant data. PLEASE, please fix!


iPad mini, app now barely runs. Was great, came over from another realty app. Now slow to load, can only look at a few houses before pics quit loading, same with map. Was working if I killed google maps after using, now that doesnt help either. Also, Redfin likes to try and push the envelope and sends emails of new properties that are outside my price range (always high, never low). Hot properties that are going to sell right now, Id better hurry, 80% chance its going to sell within 2 days, blah blah blah. If I wanted that, Id have a Realtor searching for me!!! Tried to just use browser, but they constantly push the app. For what its worth, their privacy policy wont load?

Its not bad

Really its okay.


I love this app; More than Trulia and Zillow, combined! Shows current listings as soon as they hit the market. Two thumbs up!

First time Home Buyers!!!

This app has been a breathe of fresh air! Great app for the first time home buyer to gain some knowledge about home buying!


Awesome app

Great app!

This app does everything I need. Id recommend Redfin over Zillow any day!

I love this app!!!

Its so awesome to have the ability to view houses anywhere in the world! This app is amazing!!!


I love this app. It is easy to use and functional.

Shows Sold Properties, With No Way Of Hiding Them

All that is missing on this app is a filter option to NOT see sold property listings. Which gets annoying when you see houses you really like but find out the house was sold a few weeks/months ago. Gave Redfin a three stars because the customer service couldnt even answer my question when I email them. Simple UX, if youre going to show both sold and for sale properties, have the option to filter them in or out; and also both.

Oh so slow and glitchy

Interface on this app is great. But but it is frustratingly slow. It takes a really long time for pictures and details to load. Also, it doesnt allow you to filter homes by school ratings. You end up wasting so much time looking at houses which dont meet your needs. Also fiddling with the filters will often render no results. Im curious to know what houses and for how much the houses got sold and need to reload again and again to show any results. Also, your email will be flooded gazillion notifications. App has tons of potential

Meets my needs!

As I start to look at properties I find that using the filters is easy and makes searching faster. I like the way the app outlines the area of the Zipcode or town you type in. Loads quickly on the iPhone 6S. Havent played with all the setting but the only "downside" is that it keeps sending me alerts for homes way way out of the criteria Im looking for but I bet I can find a way to stop that. Overall if you are looking for an app to help you find property, I recommend Red Fin.

Better update

Way better than others app

Great app. Super easy to use!

Great app. Super easy to use! Every update makes it more user friendly.

Street view is back

I love how you brought back the street view! I dont have to go to google maps separately just to view the streets. I hope you also include neighborhood info similar to Trulia and Preforeclosure status similar to Zillow.

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